Business Efficiency & Empowered Teamwork

‘BEET’ is an 18 month engagement that aims at giving a substantial monetary benefit & Return on Investment to a Company’s bottom line.

Using our ‘BEET’ model we successfully link Team working / development with Business Efficiency and other business parameters such as Productivity, Turnover, Attrition rate, TAT and other Business Parameters to monitor the success of these interventions.

The ‘BEET’ model is a unique ‘Commitment Centric’ approach that forms the basis for moulding existing teams from their current levels, to that of astounding teamwork. We use the power of Experiential Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence to give powerful insights leading to a subconscious, paradigm shifting learning that the participants imbibe.

Transformation starts with the self and by understanding the principle, that in teamwork we are in it together. We swim together – we sink together. In our program the participants live this principle throughout and experience first hand, this transformational subconscious change that is brought about in the individual and, consequently, in the team.