Self Leadership Model

  1. “Winner for Life” :– The start of a fulfilling journey. A high energy, motivational one day seminar designed to bring out your best.
  2. “Udaan” :- A three day residential program for understanding yourself and your relationship with others. How do you impact your environment and the people around you? How healthy are your relationship building & sustaining qualities?
  3. Individual Coaching :- It is about facilitating a positive change by improving thinking. Customized to meet individual requirements, it aims to converse with you at your pace and help you find answers to attain your goals. It is not advisory in nature and a coach will help you clarify your thinking to achieve exactly what you wish to achieve. Coaching focuses on what is most important to you and engages you in discovering the most natural and effortless way to achieve the breakthroughs you want. It does not go into your past but focuses on the future; it focuses on solutions and follows a structured approach to support you, stretch you and be your trusting sounding board. The whole process is very confidential and can be done in person or over the phone.