Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership

Efficacy of Outbound Experiential Training Programs in a Real Life Case study

Mission 10 x 10. XYZ is a leading manufacturing company in the automotive ancillary sector. Over the years the Company had enjoyed a steady growth of 2-3% per annum achieving a turnover of Rs 38 crores by 2005. A dynamic Executive Director joined the company in 2005 and took on the task of converting this staid company from a turnover of Rs 38 crores to Rs 500 crores in a short time. This was called as mission 10 x 10 i.e. 10 times turnover in 10 years. A mission that seemed impossible to all stake holders. Through a series of initiatives launched it was sought to involve all the stake holders including the distributors and shop keepers – a never before attempted initiative, either in the company or probably even the industry.

The succeeding paragraphs bring out this journey of the last three years wherein the turnover increased from Rs 38 crores and crossed Rs 100 crores in Mar 2008. Suddenly mission 10 x 10 not only seems doable but in all likelyhood is now all set to be achieved in just 5 years against the original envisaged 10 years.


How did the Company prepare its workforce for this change in mindset?

How did they get in the buy-in of all the stake holders – including the workers, dealers and even shop keepers?

Experiential Outbound Training. As part of the many leadership initiatives the Company conducted a series of Experiential Leadership & High performance Team Development programs for its employees. Starting with a five days Transformational Leadership program in Dec 2006 for its Senior Management, followed by the specific departments (along with the function heads – VPs and below, and the entire cross functional teams of that particular department). This was followed by a program for their Dealers – called as Business Partners. The programs created an environment of Trust, Commitment, Passion and Optimism. This was followed by intense discussions and assigning specific roles and responsibilities for each function and individual. This included not only work processes but also family meets, and family bonding programs. This ensured a buy-in of the families as they too were made to feel as an integral part of the Company’s culture.


Milestones. Some of the milestones are enumerated in the succeeding paragraphs.

  • Stage 1 – Setting the Scene. Creating awareness for something extraordinary about to take place.
  • Stage 2 – Conduct of the Transformational Leadership & High Performance Team Development Programs. – Developed enhanced Trust, Commitment, passion and Optimism
  • Stage 3 – Intense discussions and deliberations for forging the way ahead. Clear cut allocation of work, responsibilities and time lines. Tremendous trust observed in the teams due to the Outbound Programs
  • Stage 4 – Regular Follow up Sessions


Result : In Mar 2008 the Company crossed its target of Rs 100 crores turnover with a wide margin. Workforce, dealers, distributors, as also families were kept abreast of the larger picture and made to feel an integral part in this achievement. The Company is all set to beat its targets in the coming year despite an overall slowdown. The current/ anticipated economic slowdown poses a new challenge to the business environment. The Company, largely due to the trust & commitment developed among all stake holders, is ready to face these challenges and ride the storm.