Royal Bank of Scotland, Mumbai

“The programme took the entire team to a new experience of introspection and learning. There has been a flow of emotions, outbursts, flow of adrenaline and ‘Josh’ in all of us. One could feel the mutual trust and bonding flowing naturally among each team member. It has been a very new experience for most of the members. Excellent time and learning of new unexplored dimension.”

Shri IC Singh,
Head – Business Continuity
Royal Bank of Scotland

During the stamping exercise. I reflected on how things actually work back at our workplace and how clean definition of responsibility can improve output significantly.

During the pipe and the ball exercise, as part of the last team to receive the ball. I kept wondering how much time would be wasted is organizations waiting for others to complete their part of work and pass it to next set of hands. Also, how much resources would actually be lying underutilized as a result of poor efficiency in one part of the chain.

Trekking made me brood over the significant importance of clear goals, setting milestones and co-ordination have in team work.

Shri Rahul Jha,
Vice President Commercials
Royal Bank of Scotland

1. Very new experience
2. What was taught about the commitment is just surerb and once committed, no going back.
3. I am personally taking the right attitude and this is going be practiced in real life as well.
4. I am impressed by the content the bonding session and would like to attend more such innovation programme in future.
Thanks for your good work and expect to meet you in future.

Shri K.SriRam Kumar,
AVP Finance.
Royal Bank of Scotland

Lots of things we have but never make use of it unknowingly. Training helps us to discover those hidden strengths and gives a great sense of achievement. Importance of time and effects of non adherence matters a lot. Will look forward more and more such trainings in future.

Shri Vaibhav Anand Walwalkar,
Senior Executive & Team Leader.
Royal Bank of Scotland

Re learnt a lot of things- which were forgotten. Learnt to be a part of something, which will be wonderful. Overall a Thrilling experience and had the time of my life.

Shri Ratan Pamnani,
Senior Executive – Finance.
Royal Bank of Scotland

It is great opportunity for me. Two days spending time together is great that too with training and trekking was excellent. Understood the importance of time management in life and for achieving success. Disciplined approach was a great way for us to follow. Finally this is a team. Thanks for the training.

Shri Dattatray Dhekale,
Co-ordinator Finance.
Royal Bank of Scotland

More attachment with the team, learnt how do deal with hurdles as a team. Non punctuality has to paid by the team. Training were great and trainers very enthusistic.

Shri Wajid Shaikh,
Senior Executive
Royal Bank of Scotland

I reinforced certain things here that I have learnt over the past so many years.
Commitment- The experience of commitment and what it mean to different people was elevating, uplifting and depressing at times (when we didn’t see it).
Belief- As a leader, I realized (Once again) how important it is to believe that one can do a good job or set pressing targets.
I also realized that sometimes one has to be the bad guy to get the job done.

Shri Rohit Pardesi,
Royal Bank of Scotland

It was the great experience at the offsite in Khandala-Dukes Resort. We have done the activities which taught the lessons regards to team work, hard work, believe in you and many others. It will help us to implement the same in our day to day activity which will make our work easier. The take aways from this training are lots for e.g. discipline, focus and so on as it will not end. Amazing!

Shri Kaustubh Desai,
Senior Executive.
Royal Bank of Scotland

It was a journey where we learned that if we are focused and determined we can achieve things that seemed to be difficult and impossible. Planning and training helps to get ourselves equipped for the tough challenges. Discipline moulds us into a better individual. There is a proverb which I would like to quote ie. “When the going gets tough the tough gets going.” This training surely made me tough so that I can withstand tough times.

Shri Gautam Damania,
Senior Executive.
Royal Bank of Scotland

Had a great time. First to mention about the thoughts that “It is very important to believe in what we are doing”. Focus being of prime importance was truly highlighted in this programme. The bond that was rebuilt in all team members will truly prove to be fruitful. The energy and enthusiasm of Cdr Girish and of the other trainers was commendable. Two days were just too short for the programme. Wish there was one more day.

Margaret D’Silva,
Royal Bank of Scotland

We started the whole journey as an “Explorer” and during the way we reinvented ourselves, did things that seemed impossible otherwise, challenged and changed and finally understood the true feeling of joy, ecstasy and team – work by not only “weights” but our spirits and mind.

Shri Sidhartha Ghatak,
Manager Finance.
Royal Bank of Scotland