Tata Cummins

1. Thoroughly kept the team learning & believing in themselves.
2. Felt during the program as if I am deep into the learning being passed on through emotions. Helped me to think and realize the scope for self improvement in the areas.
3. Girish you have surely worked hard to make this program truly wonderful.

Shri Kumar Kaushalendra.
General Manager HR
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur

• It’s very good, exceptional rather, is the word that describe this program.
• This program showed a light in the tunnel to be myself and believe in myself.
• Great motivation to set own goals and reach for it & the best part “ACHIEVE IT”.
• If I can Walk on Fire, I am a winner and since I did it, I can get whatever I want.
• Yes I did it………
• The coach “Orchestra Conductor” is great and he can turn a cow into a lion………

Shri Rishi Sharma.
Senior Manager EHS
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur

A very refreshing program. Passion of the facilitator was worth mentioning. He ensured that the entire group was with him throughout the day. Overall a very, very positive booster for Leadership development. ‘Fire Walk’ Exercise really helped in overcoming unknown fears in the mind.

Shri Ram Phal Nehra.
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur

Visuals (inspirational videos) to drive through the idea in the mind. It has made me introspect where am I going wrong. It is not that I didn’t know all these stuff in principle, but today a few of the very basic ingredients got percolated inside me. Great Thanks Girish & Team , We Will be needful your support in future as well.

Shri Ashok,
General Manager, Manufacturing & Plant Engg.
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur

The teacher, Cdr. Girish, is a wonderful orator and keeps the participants thoroughly engaged. The handouts, videos and presentation is excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed the program. Fire Walk and few other demonstrations of focus and self-belief were excellent.

Shri K. Guru Saran,
General Manager – Machinery.
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur

The entire experience has been exulting. I started on a skeptical note at the beginning but the experience has been once in a lifetime kind. The last session of “Fire Walking” was really the icing on the cake, a good end to a great program and a beginning of an experience for me. Hope to take forward some good points from this program.

Shri Taranjeet Singh,
GM Sourcing.
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur

Excellent way of conducting the session. The videos and songs we sang in the room will definitely change my way of life. Practical, were from real life which can be adopted easily.

Shri Ravi Singh,
DGM Crankshaft
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur

Helped me discover a new person within me who says ‘I Can & I Will’. Things which look difficult may not be once the way we look at it changes. There is no limit to human potential and it is important to understand that, it helped me understand that. Also it helped me to work on myself, so as to be a better professional and a better person in life.

Shri Sumeet Nischol,
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur

The program was very effective in addressing some of the issues I was dealing with in my personal and professional life. Helped to bring in an attitude change or maybe, the beginning of a shift in the way I perceive things. I hope I will retain most of it. Girish is a very effective Trainer and facilitator, and a great motivator. The content of the program was adequate and the focus was well maintained.

Shri Sharmishtha Niyogi,
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur

Very interesting and great learning we had from this session. I have gone back into my childhood & enjoyed a lot. I believe, I will make my self a good leader after this session. Program was designed is an excellent manner.

Shri Ajay Tripathi,
DGM Quality
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur

Will never forget one more “First” of my life “The Fire Walk”. 22nd April will never be the same again. Learned new things, felt like breaking barriers, reaching out, trying new things with an attitude that “Nothing is Impossible”. Thank You, Girish for adding value to my life.

Shri Ajitesh Monga
Tata Cummins, Jamshedpur