Eicher Motors

We wish to place on record our appreciation for organising an Outbound Team Building program for our Marketing Team members conducted at Khandala on 18th & 19th April 06.

The adaptability displayed by you & your team to customize the program to suit our rather demanding and specific needs is definitely worth a mention. (Especially, the Impact Drama done by amateurs in the dead of the night!). The execution, though was the first time to your team, they could deliver to the Tee.

It was a lifetime Experience for many of us, to have crossed the Valley at Dukes Nose, which most of us even now find it difficult to convince our family & friends, that we actually did it!

We wish Beyond Horizons all the very best in their endeavors.

Head-Surround Services

Kirloskar Brothers Limited

Our team attended your 3 day program on Team Building at Mandu.

This was an entertaining & learning program for us. This program has helped us work as a team and obtain desired results. This program has also helped us to be strong and showed us thing which appears impossible, are possible. We have increased our faith and confidence in ourselves. Our way of approaching difficult things have changed. Many impossible targets are now possible.

We thank you for conducting such a wonderful program for us which will go long way in our day to day life.

Aseem Srivastav

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that Cmdr. Girish Konkar has conducted team building and personality development program for Luminous Power Technologies. The response to these programs has been outstanding, to say the least, and they have been an eye opener for most participants, particularly in the areas of self awareness, confidence building and the power of team work.

What is definitely a distinctive feature is Cmdr. Konkar’s attention to detail, and the willingness to understand specific training need well in advance. Based on the same, customized activities, interventions have been developed aimed at bringing out issues of relevance to the organization, which participants can mostly relate to, in the context of situations that they may be going through in the course of their day to day work.

It has been very heartening indeed to note a perceptible change in the attitude and the energy levels of participants as a result of the inputs that they received; moreover, the same has also tended to sustain for extended periods of time after the program. In fact, it has been very encouraging to see some participants taking the initiative to conduct something on similar lines for their own teams as well.

Based on the program conducted for the Luminous Sales team in May 2009, we invited Cmdr. Konkar to carry out a similar activity for the Manufacturing and Operations teams, which was again extremely well received.

One would say without doubt that as an organization, we have been delighted with the quality and the contents of the programs that we have been through so far, and do fully intend to extend the association into similar activities in future as well

For Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Arun Nagpal
CEO & Group E.D.

Yen Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

This is to put on record our deep appreciation of the program conducted by you at MTCD Karla on 25 5 & 26 Oct, 2008. The program was conducted in a very professional manner and achieved all our set objectives. We found the learning invaluable and thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie.

Right from the time that program was conceived, to its planning and finally its execution, we felt that we were in the hands of experts. Through our pre-discussions, you understood the lacunae that existed in our team and customized the program to best suit our requirements. The program itself was conducted flawlessly and to clockwork (something else that we now realize, is so important).

Your facilitation too was of a very high order and the real life experiences that you brought in from your adventurous life in the Indian Navy gave us a new dimension of looking at the challenges that we face. Your team embodies every thing that you preach – a dedicated set of individuals who carry out their work with so much commitment.

While this was something that you would probably have done in every program, what we really appreciate is the fact that once you realized that what was missing was not the “teamwork” but the “team strategy”, you made all efforts to help us get that right. You not only volunteered to hold another session at our office and helped us frame the strategy, but ensured that that was the right strategy and had every one’s “buy-in”.

We at YEN are indeed grateful to you for this and consider you a part of the success that we are sure to achieve. With many thanks and best wishes to all our friends at Beyond Horizons.

Sunil Shirole
Managing Director & CEO