Winner For Life

Feedback – ‘Winner For Life’ Workshop
  • A great program. It was slowly rising and reached the peak of energy and emotions at the end. Gave insights into goals, achievements & emotions required for success.”
    ***** Dr. Srinivas Rairikar, Senior Director, MCCIA.
  • Excellent. Recommend every person to undergo this workshop, irrespective of his age or profession, to remind him to achieve his/her goal in life. If done at early stage will benefit immensely.
    ***** Mr. Deepak Edwankar, Director Sales, Forbes Marshall Ltd., Pune.
  • One really starts questioning about our potential & removes the bottlenecks. Builds self confidence and an ‘I CAN DO’ attitude.
    ***** Mr. Ramakant Pai, Vice President, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.
  • “Defining Leadership in a simple practical way.”
    ***** Mr. Shreekrishna Konkar, Vice President, Systems, Reliance Ltd., Nagothane.
  • “Great enriching values and provided immense knowledge. I must say it developed the “Right brain” to act now. An eye opener for many things. Boosted the confidence and energy level.”
    ***** Mr. Diwesh Diwakar, Manager Search, Quadrangle Infoedge India Ltd.
  • This workshop has led the biggest impact on my life as the teachings were:
    1. Simple & Clear
    2. Not theoretical
    3. Very practical
    4. Absolutely motivating
    5. 100 % achievable

    I always had goals, but Girish has now made me see them crystal clear and made it possible for me to achieve them. He has put me on the right track, without loosing sight of all those who are going to help me achieve them
    ***** Ms. Usha Borges, Director, Smiths Breathe Fitness.

  • The session was just excellent. It gave me lots of knowledge, & increased my self confidence. Walking on Glass & bending the hard Steel Rod was amazing & really helpful. Whenever I will feel helpless or depressed, I will remember that moment & I am sure I can do what I want to do. As a team lead I face lot’s of challenges & tension, but from now “Aal Is Well” will be my slogan for each & every critical situation in personal & professional life. You have given me a beautiful way of living life and to be a Winner.
    ***** Ms. Hemlata Waghmode, Graphics Teamlead, Transtech Automation and Consultancy.
  • Learnt how to work towards my goals. That I have potential to do whatever I wish to and that nothing is impossible.
    ***** Ms. Jonell Thapa, College Student.