Organisational EQ & SQ

Intelligence quotient (IQ) has been extensively used as a measure of human intelligence and smartness during the last century. However, over the last couple of years this theory has taken a back seat and it has been realized that it is not just intelligence but other aspects such as Emotional and Spiritual aspects or quotients (EQ & SQ) that are equally if not more critical in measuring the overall effectiveness of a human being.

Apart from individuals Organizations too need to have EQ & SQ. What does that mean? Basically this means that you need to create a balance between a left brained and a right brained organization. What is that? The human brain has two distinct halves with each half having different functions. The Left brain is highly logical and systematic and the right brain is the creative one, abstract, with no form, but pure energy.

How many organizations promote right brain functioning in their workforce? Google is supposed to be doing this whole heartedly. This leads us to a paradigm shift, just professional acumen, people with professional dedication, building and structures the physical infrastructure are not good enough for a wholesome organization.

Most organizations are heavily left brain oriented, excellent structures, result oriented systems accountable at every juncture and every step – but alas no room for the right brain to function. An EQ & SQ starved organization is a sure shot recipe for long term decline & eventual disaster.

From where does the organization derive EQ & SQ? From its people! The organizational structure by itself cannot provide EQ & SQ. The computers, systems and processes alone cannot provide this. It is the people that are the bedrock of EQ & SQ.

The human DNA strands have 23 pairs of Chromosomes and 23,686 genes, which get passed on through successive generations. When children are born, the DNA of two individuals mix and some dominant DNA strands from each get carried forward and manifest in the future generations. However, behavior is not genetic. It is primarily the result of our experiences, & environment which becomes our conditioning and so is the case with organizational behavior.

The Values of a human being remain steadfast not because they are genetic, but because society as a whole follows those values. However, culture is more individual and community (read organization) specific and while two organizations would have the same value system their organizational culture may be totally different. Just like in the Indian Army which comprises of 1.1 million soldiers, divided into a number of units and regiments with some on ethnic lines eg: a Madras regiment , a Punjab regiment and a Maratha regiment. While the regiments would have different cultures, however, their value system would be the same. It is this value system that keeps the 1.1 million strong Indian Army together and perform great deeds.

Values are not structures and systems, values are lived by the right brain and become the SQ of the organization. An organization that revolves around its core values would be a spiritual organization. Spiritual does not mean religious; it means being one with the values and living the values. This would be the spiritual inner core of the organization.

Hence the values and the value system of an organization need to be clearly defined and understood by the entire workforce.

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