Conflict Management

A one day experiential program on Conflict Management.

  1. Program Duration :– One day. Generally from 0930h – 1800h
  2. Number of participants :– Between 12 – 25
  3. Venue :– Any suitable hotel/conference room with some open space for simulations
  4. Methodology :– The participants will be taken on an experiential journey of decision making while handling conflict in a realistic, powerful and live setting. Post lunch session includes viewing a powerful film on Decision Making followed by a discussion and reflection on the various issues and how these are tackled by the personalities in the film.
  5. Participant Profile :– Middle and Senior Management with about 2 or more years experience at decision making and team leaders level. Course can also be structured for those about to step into a decision making or team leader position.
  6. Program Contents :–

  7. Pre-Lunch Session :– Analysis, discussion on Conflict, its Management and its impact at the work environment. Participation in a live setting and debate in a situation based activity “The Robinson Crusoe experience”. During this activity the participants would actually live a conflict situation and handle the situation.
  8. Post Lunch Session :– Hindi Film : “Ek Ruka Hua Faisla”. A wonderful telefim of 1985 – a classic in the field of Conflict management.
  9. Post Tea :– Analysis of the movie and the pre-lunch session to analyse conflict and the decision making process.
  10. Participants’ Learning and Take Away :– The five most important concepts of life at work are highlighted: open inquiry, accepting responsibility for making a decision, equality of team members as participants in the process, value of conflict in uncovering ideas and new information, and the essential role of diversity in making effective decisions. Participants will learn a distinctive kind of leadership by:
    1. Creating a decision-making environment
    2. Assuming equality in all ideas
    3. Learning the nature of conflict
    4. Applying the diverse talent and experiences of everyone on the team to enhance decision-making.