Lost Treasure of Satvahanas

A Transformational Leadership Program Using The Power of Experiential Learning

The Lost Treasure of the Satvahanas & Charge of the Light Brigade

This great adventure, the experiential learning oriented Transformational Leadership program, takes the participants into the heart of Satvahana territory in search of the Lost Satvahana treasure. Intense analysis, planning, briefing, handling uncertain and ambiguous situations, including ‘pitching your own tent’, ‘self cooking’, ‘simulated enemy attacks’, ‘chemical attacks’, ‘injuries’, ‘calamities’ are some of the major hallmarks of this simulation. Handling pressure situations and keeping the team together in tough circumstances, goal setting and customer commitment, respecting others point of view, even agreeing to disagree are some of the key lessons. It’s an experiential learning program that brings about a transformational change in the participants.

Key results:

  1. Developing highly dedicated and committed leaders.
  2. Management of change and acceptance of the ever-changing market conditions.
  3. Successful execution and its dependence on planning. Macro planning vs Micro planning
  4. Excellence in decision making process.
  5. Leader and his/her vision. Translating vision into reality.
  6. Delegation of tasks vs Responsibility
  7. Provides participants an opportunity to bond better with others, under simulated pressure conditions.
  8. Provides participants an opportunity to ‘discover’ their inner strengths and other insights.
  9. Enthuses participants with an ‘offensive spirit’ for future handling of tough competition and market conditions.
  10. Provides facilitated insights into specific aspects of group dynamics, team functioning and leadership.


Team Size. Between 10 – 30 leaders / team members

Duration. 3 – 7 days.


The Setting. The two thousand year old twin forts (Rajmachi) of the Satavahana Dynasty that ruled this part of Maharashtra (Lonavla, Pune, Paithan) from the 200 BC till 300 AD. Camp at The ‘Beyond Horizons, Rajmachi’ tented campsite, located 14 km North of Lonavala. Situated in a lush evergreen dense forest of the Rajmachi ‘Devrai’ – sacred grove. The campsite is operational only between the months of Nov to May.