Parent-Child Communication


  • Are you one of those Communication challenged parents as far as your child is concerned?
  • Are you one of those parents who find it difficult to understand and relate to what your child is trying to tell you?
  • Are you one of those parents who wants to understand your child?

Then this practical program on Parent-Child communication is a must attend for you!


Who Would Benefit. Any parent or person who wishes to improve communication with children, understand them better and wishes to find out the reasons why children ranging from toddlers to teens don’t appear to listen to their parents. (This workshop is for adults only – a separate workshop on similar lines is also conducted for children)
Program Contents

  1. Analysis, discussion on Effective Communication Skills and its impact on the family members and people at the work place.
  2. Ways to Improve Communication Skills for Parents and Children.
  3. How to avoid Parental Burnout
  4. Communicating During Conflicts
  5. How to listen to your children.
  6. Improving Study Habits
  7. How to help children develop healthy levels of self esteem
  8. Teaching children responsibility and independence
  9. How to manage child related Stress and Anger.
  10. Helping Your Children to Develop Empathy


Program Venue. Suitable conference room in a Hotel/within Company premises.

Program timings.

Within Pune: 0930 – 1700 h

Mumbai : 1030 – 1800 h

Your Investment. Rs 10000/- per day + taxi hire charges (from Pune to Mumbai) for one day in case program is to be conducted in Mumbai.

Number of participants. Ideal participant strength would be between 15 – 30 participants.

Above includes. Conduct of the program as outlined above, all course material, stationery required.


The Faculty

Arundhati Bhat. A teacher at heart and soul, Arundhati has more than 15 years of experience as a teacher in different schools throughout the country ranging from Akhnoor to Jhansi to Delhi and Pune. She strongly believes that education is much more than books and syllabus and strives to impart learning in more ways than just teaching from the book. A true outdoors person she has done a number of treks to the Himalayas and professes that nature is the best teacher. She has a strong creative streak and is also good at performing arts and a superb singer as well as a great knack and ability for handling the younger generation. Arundhati is currently the Director of Igniting Minds and conducts a number of workshops for Parents, children and youth development in the field of Personality Development and Inter personal relations.