Organisational Leadership

Business Is Like War… There Is No Room For Second Place. Business Leaders Must Have Passion And A Go-Getter Attitude To Succeed. An ‘Also Ran’ Is Just That…. An ‘Also Ran’.


Program Overview

In any operation, be it a military one or a business project, leadership becomes a key factor. Leadership is character. It isn’t just a superficial style. It’s got to do with who we are as human beings and what shaped us. It’s a continuously evolving process. Among all the characteristics of a leader Judgement and Character are the most difficult. Rarely does a person fail due to technical competence, but lots don’t make it due to lack of judgment and character. There are four aspects that a leader must possess:

  1. Purpose and Vision (Task Orientation) : A strong determination to achieve a goal – a conviction, a passion. Any team will be in trouble because the opposite of having purpose is drifting aimlessly. The aim or the purpose must be to be able to galvanize and energize and enthrall people. It has to have a meaning and resonance.
  2. Trust : Leaders generate and sustain trust. To trust other people to have confidence in them, we need to see evidence of competence. Trust is openness even to dissent.
  3. Optimism : Many leaders perceive that they can really change the world. What is important is pervasive optimism. The leader must be able to translate this hope into action and uplift the team spirit is when everything seems lost.
  4. Action and Results : A bias toward action. The capacity to convert purpose and vision into action. It just isn’t enough to have a great vision – could he create an atmosphere where his team mates agree with his vision. Planning for results, organising and controlling the results.

Leader Managers Need to be…

(Essential Leadership Skills for modern day leader managers)

  • Dynamic and Creative.
  • Tenacious
  • Innovative
  • Risk Taking
  • Able to face daunting odds
  • Willing to face and overcome challenges
  • Step out into unknown and uncharted territory
  • A ‘Can Do’, and I Have Done It Attitude’
  • Plan, organise and able to control the outcome


Program Flow

  • What it means to be a leader in a global economy.
  • Creating committed leaders and followers.
  • Developing a holistic vision.
  • Building and inspiring trust.
  • Leading in a knowledge worker age.
  • Communication, the key differentiators.
  • Process oriented vs Task oriented leaders.
  • Planning, organising for results. Being result Oriented.
  • A Leader as a Coach.
  • Leadership Perceptions.
  • Motivating teams to stay together.

Your Takeways

  • Practical tips & strategies on leading organizations & teams for astounding Building Teams that Don’t Quit
  • Organisational & departmental strategy for clarity & purpose.
  • Train for attitude – the amazing growth driver.
  • Lead your organization on the growth path.
  • The 10 step guide to Organisational Leadership.
  • Planning, Organising and Coordinating for success.


Commander Girish V. Konkar (retd.)

International Educator, Motivational Speaker, Coach and Facilitator.
Girish is the CEO of Beyond Horizons, a leading Institute for Leadership Development & Organisational Excellence and has conducted more than 200 programme during the last four years for many companies, including Senior management teams. Programs vary from Coaching Skills Development, Transformational leadership, High Performance Team development, Greater Personal Effectiveness, other Behavioural skills and Train the Trainer programs.

The learning process ranges from powerful outbound simulations, to class/ conference room based simulations using powerful techniques like Experiential Learning, Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Intelligence (EI) etc. He also conducts numerous motivational seminars/ talks, conferences and coaching sessions from Senior managers to students. We are privileged to have many leading Corporates such as Microsoft, Sandvik Asia, Volvo Eicher, Godrej Boyce, Minda Group, Luminous, Eicher Gears, etc as some of our esteemed clients.

An alumni of the National Defence Academy (NDA) and a Masters in Management Studies (MMS), Commander Girish has twenty two years of operational and administrative experience in the Indian Navy. Commanded the Indian Naval Submarine Shankush and as Commander Submarines has been responsible for the operational efficiency for submarines on the West coast. He has extensive international experience with Global Armed Forces for planning, coordination and conduct of joint Naval exercises off Indian and foreign shores, including Disaster Management and rescue coordination. Has also served as the Joint Director Naval Intelligence.

Girish has lived life the adventurous way. Be it sailing round the world in a small yacht, the Himalayan car rally, a glider pilot, scuba diver, trekking expeditions to the Himalayas, he has done it all. An avid nature lover, he excels in the field of outdoors, leadership, developing high performance teams and taking the entire team to attain seemingly impossible tasks.