The Pedro Story – Is Pedro Right

The Pedro Story

Pedro is a young gentleman from a small coastal village. Fishing, being the primary occupation of the villagers. One fine day, after a busy morning of catching fish, and a good lunch, Pedro goes to this favorite place for a siesta. He lies down under the shade and just as his eyes shut a beautiful, big and swanky car drives up and out steps a gentleman in a suit, briefcase and classy shoes.

He walks up to Pedro and says to him “Hey Pedro, what is this? Why are you sleeping and lazing around like this?”.

Pedro awakened from his siesta looks at the gentleman and says “What should I do”?

The gentleman replies “look at you, you are a wonderful young gentleman, a fisherman, a good one at that, go out and catch some fish.”

Pedro asks him “Then what will happen?”

The gentleman replies “When you catch the fish eat what you need and the rest you can sell in the market.

Pedro again asks him, “Then what will happen”?

“Well” says the gentleman, “When you sell the fish you will get good money, use that as collateral and raise money from the bank and buy yourself a boat. Go into the creek and into the sea and fish. Currently you only fish next to the river bank, you can now go some distance into the sea. Catch more fish. Sell the fish and get more money.”

Pedro persists with his questions “Then what will happen?”

The gentleman says “Keep what you need and reinvest the rest and you can now buy a second boat. Slowly over a period of time your business will grow.”

Pedro again asks him, “Then what will happen”?.

“Over a period of time 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8 and so on. You can now take a larger loan and get yourself a larger mechanized trawler. With this you can go deeper into the sea, catch bigger and a larger quantity of fish and sell them in the market.” Replies the gentleman.

Pedro once again questions “Then what will happen?”

“By now you would have grown in years, you would have a large house, a big swanky car, a large bank balance, a big family…..”

Pedro once again questions “Then what will happen?”

“Of course now you can relax all you want” says the gentleman.

Pedro looks at him and says “If ultimately the aim to relax, then I am doing that perfectly well even now. Thank you for your advice. If I take your advice then what do I see happening in the future, I will get a loan… then who will take the responsibility of repaying the loan, the EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments)? This will lead to stress. You are saying that 1 boat will become 2, 2 becomes 4 etc, great, but then I cannot do it alone, I will have to employ a number of people. Who will look after all the people I have to employ? I am a very capable and strong person and am not answerable to anyone. I am the master of my own self. You are talking of a buying a mechanized trawler, not one, but a fleet of them, I will now have to worry about the diesel, the manpower, their maintenance etc.

Currently I have no worries. No tension, I am a contented being. God has given me plentiful, I am happy with the small hut that I have, the four set of clothes that I possess, I get fish when I want, then why do I need to do all that you advice. The sea and the river is plentiful of fish. If I put a hook in the river or the sea I get a catch, my day is looked after. I do not hanker after all the riches, nor after all the money. With your advice all I can see is stress, frustration, tension, anxiety. Ultimately High Blood pressure, Diabetes, mental stress, spondilitis and so many other diseases.”

Q: My question to you the reader is …
1. Is Pedro right in his thinking…
2. Or is he wrong in his thinking, or….
3. Maybe you might want to say that it is not an easy answer to give immediately and you would need to think through a lot and go before you can venture a reply.

Any views?

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